Windows Phone 7: NoDo update rolled out

Windows Phone 7 devices finally receive the copy-paste feature thanks to a small update just released by Microsoft.

The NoDo update brings to Windows Phone 7 users the option to copy and paste text by tapping a word and then dragging it out or holding the selection to show a dedicate menu. To paste the text in a new location will simply require to touch an icon on the text suggestion bar. But there’s more in this update.

With the update applications load faster, the Windows Phone Marketplace receives an improved search and more stability, photo attachments show better when coming from non-Exchange accounts, and there are general fixes on security, audio, camera, text messaging and Facebook integration.

The newest Windows Phone 7 devices, like the HTC Arrive and HD7s, already have this update included in their firmware, while older ones will soon receive an update notification on their display.

The heaviest update, codenamed Mango, is expected for late 2011 and will bring among things an IE9-based browser with HTML5, multitasking, and Kinect games support.

via Microsoft, photo by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

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