The new LG Optimus Vu shown next to a Samsung Galaxy Note

LG expected to launch this new hybrid at the Mobile World Congress.

First it was Samsung, with the Galaxy Note, to launch an hybrid device that stands right netween the smartphones and tablets categories. Now it’s the turn of LG’s copycat with the not yet announced LG Optimus Vu. However, if the Note is overally a good device, just too large to be comfortably used with one hand. we have many perplexities about the Vu.

In fact, while most of the rumored specifications of this new LG are pretty similar to the connational opponent, including the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM but only 8GB of mass storage, the Optimus Vu brings us back into the 90s with a 4:3 display ratio (1024×768). As a consequence the device looks even larger than the Galaxy Note is, making it harder to operate with a hand only and to fit in your jeans pocket. Let’s add the well-known speed LG has shown us in updating its devices firmwares (the device is apparently coming with Gingerbread!), also when evident bugs make them hard to use, and its sales success seems sure already!

Would you actually buy such a bulky device?

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