Is Google selling Motorola to Huawei?

The Chinese company could buy Motorola handset division to boost its presence in the Western markets.

You all know that last year Google has acquired Motorola. The deal is not over yet, as an approval from the Chinese authorities has not been granted yet, still Google is reportedly already moving to the next step, and rumors suggest our vision from last year may actually become reality: selling the manufacturing division to Huawei.

Think about it: Google needs the huge pack of patents that Motorola has, but it doesn’t really need the factories. They already said that, plus making its own handsets, the company would ruin its relationships with the other OEMs to push the non-attractive smartphones Moto releases. Huawei on the other hand wants to expand in Europe and North America, and despite having some of the best technologies it’s having a tough time because of its not-so-well-known brand.

So Huawei could buy Motorola, ditch its ugly products, and sell the more advanced Ascends under a widely known brand, targeting Samsung for the market leadership. Rumors from Asia say that Big G has already made its offer to the Chinese giant, even though the price is high. Will the deal go through? We will keep you informed.

via Wall Street Journal

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