HTC Flyer: Videoreview – world exclusive

The Android tablet with a pen that allows handwriting: after a few days with an HTC Flyer, here our complete review.

The videoreview of the HTC Flyer we made together with our Italian-speaking cousins, focuses a lot on the HTC Scribe technology and its dedicated pen, characteristic that allows you to take notes anywhere and to share them via email, Bluetooth, or social networks, and even to sign documents, and that you can’t find in any of the competitive slates.

But HTC Flyer is not only this: with a 1.5 GHz processor, the fastest in the market for today’s applications that are not yet optimized for dual-core chipsets, everything runs fast and smooth: from Internet browsing, to ebook reading, to multimedia, another aspect where the HTC Flyer excels.

The reduced dimensions (7″ display and 420 grams) make it very portable, and the aluminium unibody built make it solid and strong. There are also some cool features, like the capacitive keys that move when we pass from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa.

Have a look at our full review of the HTC Flyer after the break.


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26 risposte a HTC Flyer: Videoreview – world exclusive

  1. Nice work Flavio 🙂

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  6. xavier scrive:

    Great tablet and nice presentation!!

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  8. FlyerBuyer scrive:

    Question: Have you noticed any practical use with Scribe for signature capture and timestamping? I’ve been interested in using such a device that can allow me to create google docs and have others sign those docs.

  9. Flavio scrive:

    No problem about signing, but timestamps may be added manually and not automatically.

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  13. Mark scrive:

    Interesting review.
    Can the Scribe App be used for annotating and saving PDF docs? – this would be cool!


  14. Chris scrive:

    Please tell me that HTC actually implemented a bona fide PDF annotation feature with the pen. Seems like all this tablet does is make bitmap screen shots — one at a time — what a waste! You might as well write on any tablet’s screen with a dry erase marker and take a picture of it with your digital camera — you’d get the same feature set as this tablet. If this is the full extent of the pen annotation feature with PDFs, that would be a major pain for PDF annotation as the text layer would be gone and you’d have to reassemble each bitmap screen dump into a new PDF file. And in the process, you’d probably have elements of the screen interface in each page of the PDF file. Very ugly. I hope HTC is smarter than this: otherwise the iPad with its full range of PDF annotation software is the only option, even if you have to deal with a capacitive pen. What a waste of hardware!

  15. Flavio scrive:

    It’s true that it saves the annotations as images, but you can easily convert the images into PDF format.

  16. Flavio scrive:

    Not directly, but you can use a separate application to save the resulting image as PDF.

  17. Yslsara scrive:

    What format does the scribed text save as? This is a very important info, because most students will be looking at this for PDF annotation. How will that work out?

  18. Flavio scrive:

    as said below, they are saved as images but after that there are applications that can convert to PDF

  19. Yslsara scrive:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Great review by the way. I found it the most helpful of all the numerous youtube videos I have watched. It is very comprehensive.

    I just wish HTC will just be more decisive on the launch date, and where it will release it. I stay at Australia, and apparently, HTC has no plans to release it here yet. How depressing.

    Also, with all the rumours of a 10 inch or between 7-10 inch flyer brothers flying around the internet, I am unsure if I should just wait and see. After all, the specs may be even better, and the price more accessible.

    I must say though, HTC flyer is still brilliant. They really listened to their customers on this one. HTC scribe, LOVE IT. And so will all students, digital/graphic artist and business users worldwide.

    OH, and another question I would like to ask. Is there Palm rejection? In another comment, I think you said there is no palm rejection, but I found this video that seemed to prove it has palm rejection. Check it out?

  20. Flavio scrive:

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed our review 🙂

    About the 10-inch tablet, still nothing official. And anyway everytime there’s a good product out there’s always something better rumored or launched, so at some point we need to buy something even if we know better stuff is getting close… we loved this device, if it helps!

    About palm rejection, we had a prototype, like prototypes were those at the MWC (like the device in the video you linked), so none of these were final products, and final products may have some different feature.

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  23. Tom424 scrive:

    As someone who annotates a lot of PDF, I have to say: that’s totally useless.  When I’m marking up 100 pages of PDF, I’m not going to save every page as an image and then convert it all back to a PDF afterwards.  I want to open the PDF, write on it, and mail it.

    It looks to me like HTC actually broke this functionality by treating the pen differently from the finger.  What they should do is let me use the pen instead of the finger. 

  24. Flavio scrive:

    It’s the same on PCs: you can’t simply edit a PDF. When I edit a PDF of several pages to add a signature I need to save the signed page as a separate file and add it to the others afterwards. And many PDF docs are not even editable by author’s choice.

  25. Tobiasbusche scrive:

    pdf problem is solved! 🙂

  26. Flavio scrive:

    yes, thanks for posting it Tobias 🙂

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