Amazon allegedly working on at least two tablets to be released in 2011

Continuous rumors about Android devices from the popular online retailer seem to confirm the launch date won’t be far.

Rumors about an Android tablet made by Amazon have been persistent, especially after the online retailer has launched its Android market and cloud space. Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did not deny such rumors, and answered a direct question with a simple “stay tuned“. Now more details emerge, and refer to two different tablets coming out in the next months and respectively called Coyote and Hollywood.

The Coyote should be an entry level slate, based on the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, while the big brother Hollywood will feature the quad-core Nvidia T30 ‘Kal-El’, with a 500% performance increase over the Tegra 2. No word on screen size, nor on other details of these tablets or release dates, but according to the Nvidia roadmap that sees Kal-El available in the early fall we may expect a launch in the Summer and the other in the Fall.

via BGR

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