Microsoft targets BlackBerry with a video on business features

In a video Microsoft shows how Windows Phone is superior to BlackBerry.

After RIM unveiled its BlackBerry 10 OS and lost even more stock value, Microsoft released the following video to prove that Windows Phone is more advanced than its competitor on business features. Have a look:
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Thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy S III

The most awaited Android smartphone has finally been launched, but was the wait worth?

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been the best selling Android smartphone of 2011, and it’s one of the responsible of the rise of Samsung to the number one spot among mobile phone manufacturers. And there’s no doubt that everybody have been waiting for its successor, and to see if it may repeat the same sales. If this wasn’t enough, Samsung added more hype to the event, with teaser videos telling people not to be sheeps and being able to keep all leaks from going public. But now that we have finally seen the infamous Samsung Galaxy S III, was the wait worth?
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LG Italia says that Optimus 7 won’t be updated to Windows Phone 8

The Korean company states officially that its Windows Phone won’t receive any further support.

In these days there a lot of talking about Windows Phone 8 and if the current smartphones will be updated. Sources near Microsoft said they will all receive the new version of the mobile OS, others said none will; Nokia said its devices will be upgraded, also because nobody would buy a high-end Lumia 900 otherwise. In all this valzer of rumors the first manufacturer to say an official word is LG.
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Is Google selling Motorola to Huawei?

The Chinese company could buy Motorola handset division to boost its presence in the Western markets.

You all know that last year Google has acquired Motorola. The deal is not over yet, as an approval from the Chinese authorities has not been granted yet, still Google is reportedly already moving to the next step, and rumors suggest our vision from last year may actually become reality: selling the manufacturing division to Huawei.
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Is iOS really the simplest mobile OS? Part 2 [Video]

Another video comparation between an old Android 2.2 smartphone and the brand new iPad.

The guy who made the first video has just released a second video where he compares an old Android smartphone, rather than the latest Galaxy Nexus, to the very last iOS device: the new iPad. Have a look at it:
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Is iOS really the simplest mobile OS?

We often hear about how easy is to use an iDevice, but this video shows Android is actually simpler on many occasions.

We all see those Apple commercials where every action is advertised to be fast and seamless, and we all are used to hear how people can use an iPhone with ease while Androids are usually more complicated. This video proves the opposite, as many common actions are actually simpler when performed with an Android device. Have a look at it:
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HTC reportedly acquired Spotify competitor MOG

The Taiwanese manufacturer to expand its offer with a music subscription service.

The news has not yet been confirmed, but rumors speak about a new acquisition made by HTC through its controlled Beats Audio, that would further differentiate and enhance the offer on the company’s smartphones and tablets. The target is MOG, a music subscription service similar to the more popular Spotify, and which is not having a good time lately due to the attentions its competitor has.
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Vibe-Tribe introduces us a new and unique listening experience

A new family of innovative and portable speakers with a sophisticated design and much more.

We have been testing the new Vibe-Tribe line-up of portable speakers in the past few weeks, and we must say we’ve been really impressed! Featuring an innovative technology, initially developed by the US Navy for military use in submarines and only recently made available for civil purposes, the Vibe-Tribe speakers offer also a sophisticated design and a strong built quality, to guarantee amazing performances and to look very good on your desktop or elsewhere. Let’s see them in more detail.
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